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Be excited, not exasperated with your wardrobe!

Wardrobe Workout

Working with Alter Ego will allow you to sort out your wardrobe so that it works for you..


We will help you clear out unsuitable items, and show you how to create new outfits from existing items in your wardrobe, helping you to break out of your uniform approach and truly mix and match your clothes. A really quick way to save time and money.


You will feel fantastic as you discover how to get the most out of those old favourites at the back of your wardrobe. And you will find you have more space!


After completing your work out - we will  help you to create a list of items to buy , so you will know exactly what to invest in when you are ready to hit the shops. No more wasting money on clothes that you dont need.


Take the stress out of organising your wardrobe - book now!






Does the thought of wandering around the shops and coming home with nothing that you really need - leave you feeling fed up? Then our Personal Shopping Service is perfect for you...we can help you buy the right things for your lifestyle and budget.

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