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What our clients say about us


"You've  managed the unimaginable." - Bev Special Constable




"You're angels! Thank you so much." - Pam mother of three




"I get loads of positive comments now, from men and women."  - Stephanie



"Best of all I look and feel fantastic." - Petra




"You took all the pain out of shopping for my mother of the bride outfit. I had so much fun, and cannot wait to wear it on the big day - thank you so much." - Louise


“a fabulous blend of professional know-how and empathy. I can’t think of many people who I’d be comfortable with for 3 hours in my bedroom, no make-up and riffling through my wardrobe. But Debbie managed it superbly putting me at ease and ultimately making me feel really good about myself. Highly recommended” Carol McClachlan




"I just want to thank you for your consultation. It was a fascinating experience which I should have undertaken a long time ago.


I think your approach is very gentle and you are open to suggestion yourself taking into account your client opinion.I liked how you very carefully approached the understanding and feeling of my own image delicately introducing me to a new colour scheme.


I am a confident business woman and must admit that I might be quite difficult with any challenging changes regarding either my life or wardrobe. I felt that you were teaching me how to choose my own way with both make up and colours of my choice.


Thank you very much again for opening my eyes to a brighter colorful future.  Kind Regards  Irina"