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Never take an item of clothing back again!

Personal Shopping

Feel like a star and go shopping with the professionals!


We will help you find the perfect items to build your wardrobe.


Let us do all the work for you. In advance of the the trip, we will research which shops meet your needs and budget - saving you time, money and those aching feet ! Relax and enjoy trying on the items we have reserved for you.


We will show you how to create 50 outfits from just 12 items of clothing. Working with us can really SAVE you money!


We even carry your bags for you and buy the coffee  - go on,  treat yourself, you deserve it.






Perhaps you would like to go on a Weekend Shopping Trip of your own, now that you know what style and colour of clothes suit you - why not arrange a girly weekend away. Click on one of the regions below


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