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Look your best all of the time!


Image Consultation

Choosing the right style of clothing is essential to enable you to look good all of the time! You will wear more clothes and yet spend less money!


The image session will last approximately 1.5 to 2 hours.


During the session you will discover which styles, fabrics,cuts, patterns, and finishes of garments will enhance your best features. Allowing you to shop with confidence. You will know how to highlight your best assets and disguises your worst.


We will show you how accessories can transform an old outfit. You will be able to switch from a daytime image to evening with accessories in less than 5 minutes.


You will learn which hairstyles are best for your face shape. Giving you more options to change your image.


FREE Personal Image file to take away at the end of your consultation.


Having an Image Consultation is a life changing experience, so book yours now. You will save both time and money after this consultation.



We will come to your house so that we can help you identify key outfits from your wardrobe

or bookings for 4 or more people please call to discuss our package deals



Once you have the skills and knowledge to look your best, you can clear out all of the clothes that will no longer work for you. We can help you do this, make life easier and book your  Wardrobe Workout now.

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