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Colour can make you look vibrant & alive!

This is the first step to truly looking your best.


The session lasts for 1.5 hours, but the tips you learn will last a lifetime!


You will find out which colours suit your skin tone and which dont! Allowing you to look and feel your best at all times. Wearing the right colours can knock years off your age!


We will show you how to co-ordinate colours to create real impact - read more about the benefits of colour here


Learn professional make-up techniques to help you create a natural day time or dazzling evening look. Giving you the confidence to apply make-up correctly and quickly.


You will also receive a  FREE personalised colour wallet to take home with you. Small enough to carry in your bag whilst out shopping, you will never buy the wrong colours again . This also shows you how to combine different colours - giving you more combinations from your current wardrobe.


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Book a consultation in the comfort of your own home for just £130


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Once  they have realised the benefits of colour, our customers cannot wait to find out what style of clothing to wear. Book an Image Consultation and you have all the skills that you require to enable you to look and feel great for life!

Colour Consultation

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