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ALTER EGO was founded by Debbie Watkins in 2006 also a qualified Business Coach & NLP Neuro Linguistic Practitioner.


Fed up of spending lots of money on clothes that she never wore, and sick of spending ages trying to find the right outfits to compliment her  body shape, Debbie set up Alter Ego to help ordinary people find their own image and be themselves.


A service which compliments those of existing business Bodylean our health and wellbeing.


Our coaching services our headed up by Debbie of which further details can be found here


ALTER EGO was born, and the rest is history!


ALTER EGO  image consultants trained in London with one of the leading training providers in the UK. They have a passion for helping  women feel good about themselves by enhancing their image - rather than changing it.


Everything we do is aimed at empowering you, giving you the skills to look and feel great all of the time!


Have a look at our services  and see how we can help you

find your image, and be yourself.  


Call 0843 576 3322  or drop us an e-mail, and find out how we can help you.


We have worked with key employers in the North West including

Astra Zeneca & Natwest





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